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We are looking ahead to the fourth quarter when we see the most charitable giving of the year.

November gears up with the holiday season and Giving Tuesday kicking off the awareness of charitable giving. This leads us into the last three days of the calendar year, where we will see the most giving.

Your organization will have many opportunities to take advantage of special giving around this time: Giving Tuesday, holiday giving, increased weekly offering, and year-end giving. Special events and fundraisers also do very well around this time of year.

Beginning in June, we are asking 100 organizations to sign up and participate in GiveCentral’s 20 for 20 campaign.

The first 100 organizations to sign up will take part in our campaign, which will kick off beginning in September. Over 20 weeks, we will help you increase your Q4 giving by 20%. We will work with you on your fundraising efforts to evaluate, analyze and look at areas we can improve your goals. If you take the opportunity, we will provide the tools.

You will participate in the following

  • A one-on-one virtual meeting before the campaign begins.
  • One session during the campaign to check in and assess progress.
  • Discussion after the campaign to analyze.
  • 12 webinars where you can attend to gather information on:
  • Removing Donor Friction
  • Increasing Offertory
  • Gearing Up for Giving Tuesday
  • Giving Tuesday and Beyond
  • Best Practices for Social Media Marketing
  • Best Practices for Email Marketing
  • Capital Campaign Challenges
  • Mobile Donor Engagement
  • Advent and Christmas Giving
  • How to Get Your Donor’s Attention in 5 Seconds or Less
  • Tips and Tricks for Inviting and Welcoming Guests
  • Special Events
  • Year-End Giving

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