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How do Integrations Help?

Integrations help you create efficiencies in your everyday work

In today’s digital world, technologies evolve rapidly everyday. Nonprofits need to have systems in place to adapt quickly to these changes, as they grow and expand. GiveCentral, through robust apps and integrations, helps you integrate your existing technology with progressive new web and mobile applications and donor management systems. We do this through APIs - bridging the data divide.

Features & Benefits

There are numerous benefits of integration with GiveCentral

Faster processing and delivery of data

With old and outdated systems, nonprofits spend most of their time updating information about donors, payments and campaigns manually.

GiveCentral takes on the challenge of integration by providing a gateway for communication between the cloud applications and the existing systems.

Unified dashboard

Signup and use one dashboard to control all your ongoing and new campaigns.

Our integrations eliminate the need for you to login into different marketing, payment, accounting or donor management software - with us it’s one cohesive system.

Better protection of data

With big data comes big security responsibility. Although all our data can be accessed in real-time through all smart devices and desktop.

We ensure your data remains safe by managing permissions and secure access from a systems administrator level.

Graphical mapping

Better track your donor relationships, eliminate duplicate donor
information, when merging online gift data.

Make your fundraising campaigns a part of a bigger ecosystem which functions efficiently around mobile devices and web between individuals, groups and, communities etc.

Flexibility for future business needs

Better integration of data and smart reports helps you garner valuable information, make predictions and forecasts, target individual donors, make informed decisions and improve processes and communications.

We truly believe that we can give nonprofits back the time, the money, and the mental bandwidth they used to spend on worrying about their tools, and free them up to focus on growth.

Jumpstart your integrations with pre-built templates

Donor Management Tools

Adding the world’s leading tools in donor management to our powerful suite of products enhances your nonprofit fundraising. Extend the two platforms to perform the most sophisticated operations effortlessly.

Record donations from GiveCentral’s responsive donation forms, crowdfunding campaigns. Seamlessly integrate all payment related details from all types of fundraising events. Map them to your donor and payment methods.

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Marketing Tools

Easily achieve your fundraising goals with innovative marketing features. Share content, manage lists, automate communication and donor contact management.

Respond to Salesforce Contact transactions or schedule program notifications and invoices using email templates you create in GiveCentral and send with Autoresponder. Or integrate with your account to send custom SMS text messages.

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Reporting Tools

Simple integration with the reporting tools you use everyday. Analyze & visualize data and analytics on one cohesive dashboard, in real-time.

Avoid duplicates by using Contact Matching in real time. This feature works on all devices to give you a unified platform.

Send automated emails and receipts, plan the details for your events and campaigns, and study your results with built-in & custom reports and dashboards.

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Accounting Systems

APIs for churches & nonprofit organizations, for fund accounting, invoicing, budgeting & financial reporting.

Process, track, and manage online and offline one-time &, recurring donations, pledges, matched gifts, and in-kind contributions.

Reconcile your organization's records with pledges.

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