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Feb 2021
GiveCentral Launches New Lenten Reflection Series
Dec 2020
The Archdiocese of Cincinnati Raises Over $1.4 Million this #GivingTuesday with GiveCentral
May 2020
GiveCentral Launches Its Live Video Software to Help Nonprofits Open Their Doors Virtually
May 2020
Nonprofits Can Now Have Access to GiveCentral LIVE Video Software by Signing Up with GiveCentral
March 2020
GiveCentral provides Urgent Support as Charities respond to Covid-19 during Lent Season
March 2020
GiveCentral supports Parishes in the face of Covid-19
December 2019
GiveCentral's Advanced Donor Management for Better Management
October 2019
Announcement: Winner of 2019's Gratiam Dei Award
July 2019
Community by GiveCentral: advanced visualization for a better management
June 2019
GiveCentral announces GC and Salesforce Sync
November 2018
Blending with the trend: GiveCentral for #GivingTuesday
August 2018
GiveCentral launches a new website to increase nonprofit financial health
August 2017
Introducing the GiveCentral Go - mobile giving app
December 2014
GiveCentral enhances fundraising experience for donors and nonprofits with launch of new website
November 2014
As holiday giving season kicks off, GiveCentral offers insight into maximizing donations
October 2014
Churches that implement online giving programs report growth of up to 50 percent in total donations, says GiveCentral
January 2014
Lack of communication greatest barrier to donor engagement and giving, reveals new GiveCentral survey

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Gratiam Dei award 2019

Oct 25, 2019

A recognition of GiveCentral by the American Catholic Press
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July 07, 2019

Dealing right with bad news: a call for leaders
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May 30, 2019

Patrick Coleman - president of GiveCentral and ColemanGroup Consulting
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Chicago-based companies get in on the business of online giving
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November 10, 2014

Maximize donations during holiday season
Future of GiveCentral