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We view data integration as an important part of your organization’s business strategy. To advance your digital transformation capability we integrate with the many of the leading donor databases.

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Advanced API-based Integrations

Integration API Database Salesforce



Integration API Database Portfolio



File-Based Integrations

Integration API Database ParishSOFT



Integration API Database ParishSOFT DM



Integration API Database PDS



Integration API Database PDS Dio Office

PDS Dio Office


Integration API Database eCatholic



Integration API Database Servant Keeper

Servant Keeper


Integration API Database Denari



Integration API Database Quickbooks


Accounting Software

Integration API Database Sage


Accounting Software

Integration API Database Great Plains

Great Plains

Accounting Software

Integration API Database Financial Edge

Financial Edge

Accounting Software

Why Data Integration Is Important

In today's world, a vast amount of data is generated regularly. So, it has become essential for organizations to have a robust data integration strategy in place. It is about collecting and storing data and utilizing it effectively to enhance engagement and increase giving.

Organizations can benefit by implementing data integration, such as improved operational efficiency, enhanced donor engagement, and increased donor giving. Data integration has become critical for organizations to remain relevant and thrive in the digital age.

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With the exponential growth of data generated daily from various sources, organizations must have a comprehensive data integration strategy to manage and utilize it effectively. Data integration involves:

  • Combining data from multiple sources.
  • Transforming it into a standardized format.
  • Loading it into a target system for analysis and decision-making.

A well-designed data integration strategy can help organizations gain valuable insights, improve operational efficiency, and drive growth and success. It can also help organizations eliminate data silos, reduce errors, and ensure data accuracy and consistency across the organization.

To create a robust data integration strategy, organizations need to identify their data sources and determine the best integration approach for each source. They must also define data transformation rules, establish quality standards, and ensure data privacy and security. Clearly understanding business needs and objectives can align data integration efforts.

A solid data integration plan is critical for organizations to stay competitive and succeed.

To learn more about our data integration services, and how we can help your organization, please contact us.

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