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We know that capital campaigns demand dedication and goals you work toward for months, maybe even years. This all-hands-on-deck project requires significant planning. An average campaign will need 3,000-5,000 follow-up tasks. We can help you reach your goals and dreams by managing and automating these tasks.

Your Focus

Telling your story, inviting greater participation & sharing your gratitude.

Our Focus

Making it easy for you and your donors to support your mission. We take care of the “plumbing” that supports personalization and ease of use.

What outcomes can you expect working with us?

  • We will help dramatically improve collections. For many campaigns, we can help increase collections by 20%-50%.
  • You can expect that we are familiar with all 3000+ tasks and will walk you through this process.
  • We will make the campaign process manageable and help you continue enhancing rather than exhaust long-term donors.
  • We will help coordinate and collaborate with your finance team, data team, major gift officers, and any outside campaign consultants.
  • Reporting will take a fraction of the time because we will help you define and test those reports before the giving process begins.

Key Features

  • Real-time updates for online gifts
  • Real-time leaderboard for tracking gift completion
  • Automation and tracking for all 3,000+ essential tasks
  • Ability to update for offline cash/check gifts
  • Donor ability to update contact information, payment information, and pledges via GC SmartTools
  • Increase current pledge or recurring gift – solicit current online donors at the beginning of your new appeal (or during a year-end push) – without logging in
  • You will have access to a proprietary set of emails that allow donors to make or update donations via email without needing a username OR password
  • Secure links are included in these emails, allowing donors to take action on existing profiles without logging in
  • Failed Payment Emails – allows for the ability to update card or payment method – without logging in - 63% of donors given this opportunity update cards this way
  • Set up new one-time & recurring gifts – remind current donors of new giving opportunities at your organization and allow them to set up recent donations – without logging in
  • Sybunt and Lybunt integration
  • Custom images, copy, social media links, etc.

Powerful Tools

GC SmartQR

With GC SmartQR added to your direct mail, you can push the communication you want in front of your donors.

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GC SmartLinks

GC SmartLinks can be created for your Annual Fund that you can email to your members.

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GC SmartText

Utilizing GC SmartText allows you to reach donors on their cell phones, where they are already contributing.

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Powerful Tools

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